Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern the business relationship between Ulrike Adler Stevens, Am Wacholderberg 9, 61462 Königstein, Germany, in the following called MARRYJim, and the user of the website www.MARRYJim.com.

In specific cases, different or supplementing terms can be agreed upon by the parties. MARRYJim countermands all deviating business or purchasing terms of users.
Please read these General Terms and Conditions carefully before using our services. As soon as you use our services, we presuppose that you agree with the terms.
Our website is open only to private persons and commercial users insofar as they have unlimited legal capacity. In particular, persons under the legal age must not use our website.
All content and structure of this site such as texts, graphics, logos, buttons and images are the property of MARRYJim and is protected by German copyright laws. This also applies to these General Terms and Conditions. 

1. Services and Delivery of Services by MARRYJim

(1) MARRYJim, via www.MARRYJim.com, offers a platform on the Internet that enables private persons and commercial users to buy and sell goods. All buying and selling transactions are contracted directly between selling and buying users. Fulfillment and settlement of these contracts facilitated by www.MARRYJim.com take place exclusively between the users, without MARRYJim exerting any influence on, or warranting the correct and lawful fulfillment of the contracts. MARRYJim under the following terms and conditions provides technical facilities and helpful information for listing advertisements. The advertisements listed are not editorially cross-checked.

(2) MARRYJim is providing the website with all its functions based on the current state of the art. Due to technical malfunctions, exceeding of capacity limits and external attacks, as well as due to technical measures in order to eliminate defects, to improve service quality as well as security, interruptions or restrictions regarding availability or quality of service can occur. From this, no claims for damages against MARRYJim can be derived.

(3) MARRYJim can modify the website at any time and without indication of causes.

(4) An entitlement to list an advertisement on the website does not exist.

2. Fees, Invoicing and Terms of Payment

(1) The use of the information on the website is for free for private users, companies have to pay for their advertisements. The registration of a user also is for free. For a contract coming into effect between the users themselves, for a sale or a purchase, MARRYJim asks for no fees or commissions.


3. Right to Cancel

(1) The legally binding contract between MARRYJIM comes into effect with the posting of the online registration, in particular with the listing of an advertisement by the user. The user has the right to cancel this contract within 14 days, without indication of causes. The period begins as soon as the user has confirmed that he/she has read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. It suffices that the notice of cancellation is sent in time to Ulrike Adler Stevens, Am Wacholderberg 9, 61462 Königstein, Germany or customercare@MARRYJim.com

(2) Companies: In case a cancellation comes into effect, all payments received by both parties are to be refunded. Obligations to refund payments must be fulfilled by the user within 30 days after sending his/her declaration of cancellation, for MARRYJim within 30 days after receiving it.

4. Obligations of the Selling User (Seller)

(1) The selling user (seller) has to describe his/her offer accurately and completely. He/she must refer expressly to any stains, tears or other defects. For used goods, the user assumes a “guarantee of function”, otherwise the legal warranty regulations are to be applied.

(2) It is not permitted to post texts and images and to offer, sell or acquire items that violate laws, regulations to protect minors, commercial rights, intellectual property rights, copyrights, personality rights of third parties including their right to their own image, or good manners (bonos mores).

(3) The seller has to indicate Value Added Taxes (VAT) possibly due and other costs, e.g. costs of postage.

(4) All data and images of an advertisement can be changed by the user at will, and no new listing is required. However, the private user must not change his/her advertisement to such an extent that a different item is being advertised. Commercial users are authorized to do so if this is agreed upon by MARRYJim. For the item offered, suitable categories are to be selected. MARRYJim reserves itself the right to change the categories selected by the user.
The user is obliged to inform MARRYJim within 14 days if the item offered is no longer available, or if the user does not any longer wish to keep the offer open, so that the advertisement can be deleted from the website. Contact data must always be up to date.

(5) It is not permitted to offer in the same advertisement two different items (e.g. a wedding dress for the church and a civil wedding dress), although accessories belonging to the dress can be offered.

(6) It is not permitted to use texts and images which are protected by copyrights. The user confirms with his posting of texts and images that he/she is either the author of the texts and images or that he/she has obtained the consent of the owners of the rights to use the texts and images.

(7) The user confirms that all persons depicted in his/her advertisements have agreed with the publication on the website www.MARRYJim.com.

(8) The user is not permitted to copy, edit or publish texts and images shown on www.MARRYJim.com beyond the use granted specifically by the owner of the rights. 

(9) The user ensures that his/her texts and images up-loaded to www.MARRYJim.com to his/her best knowledge are free of errors, viruses etc. which might interfere with or endanger the services and the use of www.MARRYJim.com.

(10) It is not permitted to offer items for friends and relatives, etc. under one’s own registration.

(11) MARRYJim cannot assure that every user is the natural or legal person or entity it claims to be. It is also possible that wrong address data are shown. Each user must therefore provide proof him/herself by appropriate contact, e.g. by email or telephone, of the identity of his counterpart.

5. Deletion and Change of Listings and Registrations

(1) MARRYJim deletes listings, in particular advertisements, and registrations, at any time upon request of the user.

(2) MARRYJim has the right, without indication of causes in detail and without being obliged to pay compensation for damages, to delete  texts, images, parts of advertisements or whole advertisements and also to altogether withdraw from the contract with the user without prior notice, if there is a violation of the law and of these General Terms and Conditions, in particular

    - if it becomes obvious that the data provided by the user are misleading, inaccurate, incomplete, or if faults or defects were concealed
    - if texts and images were listed and items offered or sold that violate laws, regulations to protect minors, commercial rights, intellectual property rights, copyrights, personality rights of third parties including their right to their own image, or good manners (bonos mores).
MARRYJim can also exclude users in such cases from a renewed registration.

(3) MARRYJim is very much interested in operating a perfect website. Therefore we kindly ask all users to inform us immediately as soon as they spot offences as described under 5(2).

(4) The user grants MARRYJim royalty-free all copyrights and rights of use for the texts and images listed, by him/her - unrestricted in region, content or time - that are necessary to provide its services.

6. Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

(1) As a service provider in the sense of the Teleservices Law (“Teledienstgesetz”) MARRYJim stores external information for the purpose of publication and provides solely the technical facilities needed.

(2) The user alone is responsible for the contents of the advertisements. MARRYJim has no obligation to check the lawfulness of the advertisements listed, neither concerning content nor concerning the presentation. Also the identity of the users is not verified by MARRYJim.

(3) MARRYJim is not responsible for the advertisements and their content. In particular MARRYJim is not liable for any loss or damage caused by inaccurate or incomplete or flawed data submitted by the user.
MARRYJim also is not liable for any loss or damage incurred due to abusive or improper use of data by third parties.

(4) Selling and purchasing between the selling user and a (prospective) customer is governed by the local law of the user and does not concern MARRYJim. MARRYJim cannot be made liable for any damage from this relationship.

(5) In case there are referrals (links) to third parties’ websites, the providers of these sites solely are responsible for accuracy, completeness and lawfulness and are liable for damages caused by the use of their websites.

(6) MARRYJim.com does not guarantee that files posted or available for downloading will be free of infection, viruses etc.

(7) The user must compensate MARRYJim for all losses and damages incurred due to a violation of his/her obligations, unless he/she can prove that he/she cannot be held responsible for these damages.
The user indemnifies MARRYJim against all claims, demands, costs, expenses, criminal charges or any other liability arising from a violation of his/her obligations related to his/her registration and listing of texts, images and advertisements on www.MARRYJim.com or from other damaging actions.
The user compensates any additional losses or damages including all legal costs for asserting rights and defending. This obligation is also valid in case of an abuse of user data by third parties as far as the user is responsible. The obligation to compensate and indemnify MARRYJim continues to be in force after a registration at MARRYJim has been deleted.

7. Data protection

MARRYJim stores and processes all data submitted by the user exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the contract with the user, observing the regulations of the German Federal Law for Data Protection (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) as well as the Teleservice Data Protection Law (Teledienstdatenschutzgesetz). For details please see our Privacy Policy.

8. Formalities

(1) In case a regulation of these General Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid or a loophole is identified, then the validity of the remaining regulations is thereby not affected. In place of the invalid regulation, or for closing the loophole, a regulation is considered to be agreed upon which comes close to a regulation MARRYJim and the user would have agreed upon had they been aware of the invalidity of the regulation or the loophole.

(2) The contract and the relationship in general between MARRYJim and the user is governed exclusively by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Place of fulfillment for all obligations resulting from the contract between MARRYJim and the user and place of jurisdiction is Königstein, Germany.

(3) The General Terms and Conditions will be regularly adapted to the current conditions, and then published on the website. By continuing to use the site after the modification, you agree to be bound by the modification.


By accessing and using www.MARRYJim.com, you agree that your use is governed by these General Terms and Conditions. You can store and print the General Terms and Conditions.

Copyright Ulrike Adler Stevens, Status January 12, 2016