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Punk Rock Bride / Seattle

Punk Rock Bride was created for the bride who is looking for a less traditional, more fashion-forward wedding dress. We take a unique approach to design by incorporating non-traditional fabrics and mixing multiple layers to add texture and depth to every design. We take care to maintain very simple, classic silhouettes to flatter every figure, and focus on the details, giving brides a comfortable, unique option for their wedding day.

MARRYJim : Why did you specialize on wedding dresses?
Punk Rock Bride : I never expected to be designing wedding gowns when I first started in apparel design. But after my closest friend asked me to design her wedding dress, I fell in love with the process. It's such a unique personal experience for every bride, and I enjoy knowing that this one piece will mean so much to someone. I also felt there was a void in the industry for less traditional wedding dresses, and a demand for them.
MARRYJim : How did you come up with this cool name?
Punk Rock Bride : When I was thinking about a name for the company, I wanted something that was unique and memorable, and also represented an alternative to tradition. Punk rock music was always about personal expression and defying the norm. When I heard the song, Punk Rock Bride in my car one day, it came to me, and it sounded perfect.
MARRYJim : Where do you see your brand in 10 years from now?
Punk Rock Bride : I hope to continue making unique wedding dresses for a long time. At some point I would love to expand into other bridal pieces like veils and accessories. The dress is just one part of a bride's look, and I would love to be able to provide a more complete styled look to our brides.
MARRYJim : What inspires you?
Punk Rock Bride : A lot of things inspire me. Sometimes it's a fabric that I see and would like to incorporate into a dress. It may be a detail I see in a t-shirt someone is wearing, or a shape I see in a painting. It really comes from all over. I try to carry my sketchbook with me everywhere, so when I do have an idea I can capture it on paper. When it comes time to design a new collection, I always refer to my sketchbook and that's where the ideas all come together.
MARRYJim : Who would you once like to work with?
Punk Rock Bride : More than a celebrity or musician, I would love to design for a dancer. I was a dancer when I was younger and used to make my own costumes. It adds a whole other dimension when there is that type of movement to a dress. I would love to see someone dance in one of my designs.
MARRYJim : Your favorite piece of clothing?
Punk Rock Bride : It changes all the time. But right now it is an oversized black hoodie sweatshirt with a neon green logo of one of my favorite bands. It's so comfortable!
MARRYJim : How does the perfect "Jim" looks on his wedding day?
Punk Rock Bride : I'd say he looks perfect in whatever he is most comfortable dressing up in. I love when a groom has a great suit on and Vans on his feet. Or a cool tie that no one would expect. A little touch of his own personality makes it all come together.

Punk Rock Bride
United States