Best dress for your shape

We know – nearly every girl has something to complain about when it comes to her body. And have you seen the names the fashion world has invented for us? It’s not glamorous at all! Nobody wants to be called a pear, an apple, or to look like a column or an hourglass.
But given the overwhelming choice of wedding dress styles, this may be a good place to start. Collect some ideas that will help you find YOUR perfect dress. If you let us know which shape you are, our guide might help you to narrow down the options to the cuts that flatter your body best. We want you to look and feel absolutely gorgeous as you walk down the aisle!

It’s easy:
Just focus on your amenities! Do you have great long legs, a beautiful Jennifer Lopez butt, the most impressive cleavage in the world? Flaunt your femininity! Determine your body type and put attention where you want it to be and minimize it where you don't:

Which dress suits you best? First determine your shape: