The State of Grace

The State of Grace’s, fusing decadent British glamour with Indian fashion, is a destination for wedding dress design in London with Lucia Silver as the Founder and Creative Design Director. The Notting Hill showroom is a treasure trove of dresses, vintage and modern jewellery, shrugs, capes, coats, veils, hats and head-pieces, shoes, bags and more. Absolutely everything can be custom-made or created from scratch for brides. The head-to-toe bespoke service at State of Grace is entirely personal, private and individual.
The State of Grace’s head-to-toe bespoke design, styling and beauty service and its increasingly renowned cutting-edge expertise enables brides, as The State of Grace’s Founder and Creative Director, Lucia Silver, puts it, “to express their personal style and capture their individual femininity. No more snap syndrome.”

Previously an exclusive little black book bespokefashion destination, The State of Grace clothes, accessories and styling have graced shoots and red carpet occasions for an array of women including Jerry Hall, Sade, Kate Moss, Helen Mirren, Lucy Yeomans, Keira Knightley and Claudia Schiffer.

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Lucia Silver is more than a designer; more than a stylist; more than a personal shopper. Lucia Silver marries these qualities with her own personal magic, and creates an exquisitely individual look, outfit or wardrobe that captures your unique style. From the strategic and visual world of advertising where she led award winning campaigns as a European Account Director, she identified a growing need for a highly personalized design and style service that met the requirements of the modern day woman.
With influences from the icons and couturiers of the 20s, 30s and 40s, she succeeds in bringing together practical intelligence with a signature timeless romanticism that each woman can make her own.
“We don’t follow trends; we create them – inspired by each new bride.” says Lucia Silver, Founder and Creative Design Director.

The State of Grace
53 St Helen’s Gardens (strictly by appointment)
London W10
Vereinigtes Königreich
Tel: +44 207 183 2729