Breeyn McCarney

Breeyn McCarney  works to balance her interest in politics and world events with her drive to create beautiful objects of fashion. She loves old-fashioned craftsmanship utilizing embroidery, knitting, leathercraft, and beading to embellish her garments. With a focus on custom-fit designs, she is building a circle of clients with whom she creates one-of-a-kind tailored garments that highlight the individual assets and attributes of each woman’s body. Her signature eponymous line reflects her environmental and political values, only using ethically sourced natural fibre fabrics to create her luxurious pieces.

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Custom-designed day and evening-wear tailored to the tastes and silhouettes of individual clients. Breeyn works with a range of budgets, according to the client's wishes. These services include custom bridal wear, using her abilities to flatter a diversity of body types to create gowns and bridesmaids' dresses that delight all members of the wedding party.

Breeyn McCarney